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High Quality Epoxy Flake Floors Hobart

If you are looking for a durable flooring solution that evokes a feeling of beauty, Adonis Epoxy Flooring's flake flooring range is the versatile and stunning option for you. A fantastic way to bring your concrete floors to life, flake epoxy is a professional floor covering that is both aesthetically beautiful and long-lasting.

To get the iconic look that flake flooring gives, we broadcast loose flakes evenly throughout the epoxy to create a visually impressive aesthetic. We have a wide range of decorative acrylic flakes in an assortment of colours and shapes to encase within the epoxy, so you can mix and match to your liking.

Our flake flooring installation services are modern, easy to clean and maintain, making them perfect for homes and businesses alike. Its stunning glossy appearance creates a subtle sparkle to any surface it is applied on and creates an eye-catching feature that will leave your visitors in awe. For expert flake flooring installers, reach out to our friendly team for a free quote today!

03 6163 5295
Flake flooring installed into a garage in Hobart

Long lasting finishes that last for decades

One of the most appealing benefits to our flake epoxy floors is the long-lasting qualities that come with the coating. Especially if maintained and cleaned regularly, flake epoxy can last for up to 20 years. this means that with its timeless look and feel, you may not need to upgrade your floors again for decades to come. This will save you money, effort, and time in the long run by removing the need to constantly update your floors every couple of years, like you need to do with other flooring options.

Epoxy flake coatings Hobart will bring your peace of mind for your floors as they are incredibly easy to clean, keep looking good, very durable, and designed to hide any imperfections that are in the existing concrete. It's a no brainer! Our epoxy flake floors are one of the best options for your home or business in the Hobart area.

Why choose flake flooring?

Flake flooring offers a compelling choice for customers seeking both durability and aesthetic appeal. With its unique blend of functionality and style, it's no wonder why many homeowners and businesses are opting for this versatile flooring option. Our professional flake flooring service provides a seamless and durable surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic and resist impacts, chemicals, and abrasions. Flake flooring can extend the lifespan of your floor by up to 20 years, offering a long-term investment for your space.

The beauty of flake flooring lies in its customisable nature, with a wide range of color options and flake sizes available to suit your preferences. Whether you're aiming for a sleek, modern look or a more rustic feel, our flake flooring can effortlessly transform your space. Choose us for our expertise in delivering quality flake flooring that combines functionality, durability, and visual appeal, creating an inviting environment for years to come. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of flake flooring for your space.

03 6163 5295

Need Epoxy Flake Flooring in Hobart?

03 6163 5295
03 6163 5295
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