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Epoxy Garage Flooring Hobart

A key aspect of any home, your garage is a part of the house that you should be proud of! If you have worn out, old, tired looking concrete garage floors, it can really bring down the value of your home. No worries though! The team at Adonis Epoxy Flooring are here to help. We provide comprehensive garage epoxy floor installation services to residential and commercial properties across the Hobart area.

Using the highest quality epoxy resin and finishes, our epoxy garage flooring will make your garage not only look absolutely stunning but will be that essential protective coating needed to protect your garage concrete from the constant wear and tear it is subjected to on a daily basis. We work with your requirements and specifications, delivering epoxy coatings that match the aesthetic of your existing home perfectly.

When you are ready to transform your garage with garage floor coatings that enhance the entirety of your car porch, call upon our experts to get the job done right! With a wide range of colours, styles, and finishes, we have a solution that is perfect for you. No garage floor is too large or small for us to install stunning epoxy coatings.

03 6163 5295
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Steps to Resurfacing Garage Epoxy Floors

Resurfacing your garage floors is quite a large project, and if not done correctly, can cause more harm than good. This is why you should hire a team of professionals who have the experience of thousands of garage epoxy installations over the years. We will get the job done flawlessly every single time, operating with strict attention to detail and utilising the best equipment and machinery on the market. We follow a particular method to achieve a perfect outcome for your new garage concrete epoxy floors.

Surface Preparation - Lay the Foundation for Success

Before applying epoxy to your garage floor, proper surface preparation is essential to ensure the epoxy bonds perfectly to the existing concrete and longevity of the coating.

Clear the Space:
Remove all items from your garage, allowing unrestricted access to the floor.

Thorough Cleaning: Sweep or vacuum the floor, then wash it with a concrete cleaner to remove dirt, oil, and stains. Proper surface preparation is critical, as 80% of epoxy flooring failures result from inadequate cleaning.

Repair and Patch: Fix any cracks or imperfections using a concrete repair product, ensuring a smooth surface for epoxy application.

Apply the Epoxy Coating - Transform Your Garage

Once the surface is properly prepared, it's time to apply the epoxy coating. Follow these steps for a seamless application:

Primer Application:
Apply a high-quality epoxy primer to the clean, dry floor. The primer improves adhesion and seals the concrete, enhancing the overall performance of the epoxy coating.

Epoxy Coating: Apply the epoxy coating in sections, using a roller or brush for even coverage. Choose a color, finish, and thickness that suit your preferences and usage requirements.

Optional Additions: Incorporate decorative flakes or anti-slip additives into the wet epoxy coating for added style and safety.

Curing and Maintenance - Enjoy Your New Garage Floor

Once the epoxy coating has been applied, it's crucial to allow adequate time for curing and implement proper maintenance practices.

Curing Time:
Allow 48 to 72 hours for the epoxy coating to fully cure. Avoid heavy traffic or moving heavy objects during this period to prevent damage.

Regular Maintenance: Sweep or dust mop regularly to remove dirt and debris. Occasional mopping with a mild, pH-neutral cleaner will maintain the epoxy's shine. Epoxy floors are highly resistant to stains, chemicals, and abrasions, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

The best garage floor coatings in Hobart

We take pride in offering top-quality Hobart epoxy flooring solutions that combine durability, style, and value. With our professional expertise and attention to detail, we guarantee an exceptional transformation for your garage. Our epoxy floors are engineered using high-quality materials, proven to be up to 5 times stronger than traditional concrete. Our epoxy coatings can extend the lifespan of your garage floor by up to 20 years, providing long-lasting performance and reducing the need for costly repairs. Our seamless and non-porous surfaces resist stains, dirt, and moisture, making maintenance a breeze. Choose us for a hassle-free installation process and a garage floor that not only withstands daily wear and tear but also adds a touch of elegance to your space. Experience the best in garage epoxy floors—contact us today for a free quote.

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